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Competency Based Methodology

Our Training and Development do not address the needs of our company and employees!

Recruitment and Selection does not provide us with competent people! 

The job I am doing is not what I was recruited for! 

I am evaluated according to different standards and duties than what my job really entails! 

It is very subjective! 

Job Description ? What job description? 

I am not being paid for what I do, but what they think I do! 

Career management! They don't even know what the various people do in this place! 

I think I am doing the right thing, but nobody knows what should be done! 

The HR processes in our company lacks flexibility and we don't participate in any way regarding 

our job profiles, performance management, etc.! 

We all do things our way; we don't know what is expected of us! If it's wrong we just do it again!

Are these some of the questions applicable to your company? If yes, then you should consider implementing the Competency Based Methodology (CBM).

What is the Competency Based Methodology? 

The CBM is a "new way" of approaching Human Resources issues, functions and Job Analysis. It is a methodology that could be used to integrate all Human Resources functions. Over the years various authors have attempted to address all the Human Resources issues of a company. From Recruitment and Selection of employees, the Development and Training of employees, Performance Management, Remuneration of employees to the final exit interview of an employee, but it appears to me that each aspect was handled as a separate issue within the company. Although the fact that these functions are not isolated entities within the organization are emphasized, I am of the opinion that not one single methodology has been developed that will successfully address the integration of all the Human Resources functions within a company.

Authors like McGlagan, Blank, Gilbert and Mager have attempted to address this gap. McGlagan wrote her book on The Models based on her theory regarding the above and has finally given shape and birth to the Competency Based Methodology. Ernst designed a process for designing Competence Based Training Programs and this has enhanced the understanding and application of the methodology. The methodology provides the framework for the integration of all Human Resources Issues/Functions within a company. The application of this methodology will assist Human Resources Departments in creating a central basis for Recruitment and Selection, Placement of employees, Training and Development of employees, Performance Management, Career Management, promoting employees, Remuneration, Broad banding, etc. (in other words integrate all Human Resources Functions)

The CBM is fast becoming the national standard for Human Resources in South Africa and the South African government has expressed its need for the implementation of the CBM on a National basis. This is seen in the establishment of the NQF and SAQA in South Africa.

The rest of this site will try to address this methodology using the "open systems approach" as basis for the discussion thereof. Please feel free to contribute your views and comments by sending a note to me via Email on the menu on the left of the screen.