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 By Hugo Strydom


 "What is Performance Management?"

A question that has been asked many times by Line Managers and just as many different answers provided with different meanings and ways of doing Performance Management. What ever the answer may be, the bottom line is always the same - to ensure that the employees perform their tasks and responsibilities in a cost effective manner in the shortest time span within the set timelines at the laid down standards. In short to keep the clients happy, the company financially healthy, to develop and reward employees for their performance (good or bad).

With the information included on this site I want to express my views on Performance Management as well as to provide the reader with some food for thought regarding the theory of Performance Management as well as application thereof in an organisation. Most of the information contained in this document is based on my knowledge gained as HR practitioner as well as problems encountered during the implementation thereof in my work environment.

Something I would like to highlight at this stage is that Performance Management is a continuous process implemented by Managers to ensure the management of individual as well as organisational performance. Performance management as such is not a management tool. It is part and parcel of any manager's duties and responsibilities to manage the performance of the organisation, department and individual employees. To manage and measure the performance of individuals and the organisation, various "performance management tools" can be designed and utilised to assist the manager with this mammoth task.

This site is therefor designed to provide information and guidelines as to design and implement one or more of these management tools to manage and measure performance.