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Performance Management - Two Sides to the Story


Measuring performance is one of the most important aspects of business success. Not only to determine and provide feedback to individual employees but also to measure the performance of the organisation as a whole. Performance Management is usually associated with the measuring of Individual Employee Performance. It should be stressed that measuring organisational performance is part and parcel of the performance management process. The reason being that Organisational Performance is affected by Individual Employee Performance. Measuring Individual Employee performance

 The focus of this document will be on Individual Employee Performance Management with Organisational Performance Measurement as a tool to measure employee performance. 

Performance Management is a mutual responsibility of the manager and the employee to ensure continuous growth in the employees potential and performance. The Manager and Employee have the following key roles in the process of performance management:




The main purpose of Individual Performance Management is to develop the employee to his/her full potential.


The most effective performance management process is a continuous process that focus on two-way communication and problem solving instead of finding problems and faults with related finger pointing on a once-a-year basis.