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What is Performance Management?


There are various views and opinions of what Performance management is. Let us first look at what Performance Management is not.

Performance Management can be seen as a continuous management process (not a tool) that is applied by all Managers, Line Managers and Supervisors at all times during the execution of their daily management tasks. A process that is focussed on the following:


Although the above highlights focus areas of Performance Management, there are still many other the items that could be added to the list. It is extremely important to stress once again that Performance Management is a continuous process that is done on a daily basis and not just once a year. Formal review sessions are/could be done on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis but it is not something to be left for a specific date and time. You as a manager have to manage the performance of your employees on a daily basis. The Performance Management Process will provide you with the necessary 'tools" to ensure your success in managing and controlling the performance of your employees.

Performance Management Tools are designed and/or implemented by the manager to assist with the managing of performance. These tools could be specific reports indicating progress, financial graphs and statistics, feedback surveys, measurements (i.e. number of products produced) or what ever is necessary to prove or measure that goals and objectives has been achieved.