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The Application of the
Competency Based Methodology
An Open Systems Approach
 By Hugo Strydom
Much has been said and done to implement the Competency Based Methodology within companies.
I am of the opinion that very few successes has been reported and most of the "failures" of the implementation may have been caused by the following:
# Lack of understanding of the methodology

# Lack of full support, involvement and commitment from Top Management, Line
   Management and the employees

# Only portions of the methodology implemented i.e. Recruitment, Selection,
   Placement, Training and Development, etc.

# Lack of training and development of the employees involved in the process

# Lack of mutual understanding and clarifications of definitions

# Lack of adapting the methodology to suit the company's needs and way of doing

# The implementation of the methodology in various Human Resources Functions /
   departments as isolated boxes

Based on the experiences gained by various Human Resources practitioners and problems experienced by the author, the purpose of this site is to provide you with practical guidelines that could assist you with the understanding and implementation of the Competency Based Methodology in your company.
The first section of this site will focus on various definitions used in the methodology; the rest of the site will provide some practical examples of how the methodology can be implemented in an organization.
Please take note that all the information contained on this site is based on the knowledge and experience gained by the author in his career as Human Resources practitioner. By no means is it implicated that this is the only and correct way for implementation of the methodology. Each company must find the most suitable way the methodology must be implemented. If you would like to make comments or contributions to the site, it will be highly appreciated.


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